Employment Opportuniies

Position: Organist/Accompanist

We celebrate at First Covenant Church of Saint Paul vibrant worship that includes pipe organ accompanying hymns and select choral pieces in a blended eclectic intergenerational and intercultural worship experience. This is a part time position including choir accompanist.

Please send resume to Jeff Norris.


  • Provide creative professional leadership of congregational singing at times of worship and accompanist support of the Sanctuary Choir.

Job Responsibilities:

  • Select and perform organ and piano music and accompaniment for choir and congregation for 50 Sunday morning services each year. Select and perform appropriate organ music for preludes, offertories, and postludes. Work cooperatively with worship staff that selects hymns and choral music.

  • Select and perform organ and piano music for up to six special services which may include Ash Wednesday, Good Friday, and Christmas Eve. Assist in finding a substitute organist if one is needed.

  • Accompany choir for Wednesday rehearsals and up to six extra rehearsals for specials choral or worship events.

  • Oversee and perform music at all weddings and funeral services requiring organ music that are held within First Covenant Church, Saint Paul. If not available, organist will assist in finding an appropriate substitute.