Discover how you can get involved in the life of First Covenant Church of Saint Paul

as we live into our 3 B's: Belong, Believe, and Become.

Children and family Ministries

Children and Family Ministry at First Covenant is a place for children ages birth - 6th grade to:

  • Belong - we are a safe place for children and their families to be known and accepted.
  • Believe - this is where the foundation of the Christian faith begins. Children are encouraged to wonder, ask questions, and grow through teaching and healthy relationships with their peers and trusted adults.
  • Become - our lives are transformed through the power of the Holy Spirit and, become world changers for Christ.

Learn about our Children and Family Ministries.

Youth and family Ministries

Youth and Family Ministry at First Covenant exists to create communities where 7th – 12th graders:

  • Belong - we are a safe place for teens to be known and to build relationships with trusted peers and adults who care for them and desire to grow in faith with each other.
  • Believe - we are deeply committed to growing and deepening Christian faith, allowing space and experiences for teenagers to talk about their faith and provide opportunities to encourage one another.
  • Become - when we belong and are growing in what we believe, transformation begins. We start to become the people we were created to be. We are about life transformation through the power of the Holy Spirit.

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Ministries For Adults

From young adults to senior adults there is a place for you to connect and grow as you: 

  • Belong - there are opportunities to build relationships with one another and experience the richness of the many voices that make up First Covenant. Learn more about small groups and LifeGroups here.
  • Believe - through inspiring worship, to Bible study opportunitiesand more there are many ways to be growing in your faith in Christ.
  • Become - transformation happens in big and small ways at First Covenant.

Do you have a story of transformation? Let us know!

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Worship & Arts

Worship at First Covenant is a key way we live into our intercultural and intergenerational values

while we focus on the grace and goodness of God. Each element of worship, 

from the music to the words spoken, reflect the varied ages, ethnicities, 

and worship styles of our church family.

Discover more about Worship at First Covenant.

Musicals with OUr Partner Schools

Yearly, we partner with Farnsworth Aerospace Schools (Lower and Upper Campuses) and Johnson Senior High School, along with Family Values for Life, to present musicals suitable for viewers of all ages. This strategic partnership allows for expanded arts education for public school children and youth while building relationships between First Covenant and the community.

Find out about Musicals here at First Covenant.

Looking for information specifically about Aladdin, our 2020 Musical for 7th-12th graders? 

Check out our Aladdin page, use the password "aladdin".

Congregational Life

Congregational Life is one way that we live into our value of Authentic Discipleship as we connect with one another and further the kinship of God. We experience this in a variety of ways, including Small Groups and LifeGroups in our Connect Ministry.

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Global Missions

Global Missions exists to connect the people of First Covenant to the global work of God through ministry opportunities, missionary support, and humanitarian and relief efforts at home and abroad.

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