Worship and Arts

Worship at First Covenant

Worship at First Covenant is a key way we live into our intercultural and intergenerational values while we focus on the grace and goodness of God. Each element of worship, from the music to the words spoken, reflect the varied ages, ethnicities, and worship styles of our church family.

We intentionally gather as one congregation in one worship service in order to experience the diversity of worship together. We desire to bring to the worship time on Sunday mornings the whole of our lives as followers of Christ and as fellow pilgrims with one another. As we are connected with one another through the week, we come prepared to receive God’s word and to seek God’s blessing as a community.

We invite you to join us as we live the life of faith together.

We worship together regularly on Sunday mornings at 9:30am (10:30am during the summer months from Memorial Day to Labor Day weekends)

For information on our current worship series

Sanctuary Choir

Our Sanctuary Choir leads in worship nearly every Sunday with special music
and arrangements of many different types and styles. This group rehearses on
Wednesday evenings from 6:15pm - 7:30pm in the Choir Room.

Handbell Choir

Our Handbell Choir provides special music in our worship services throughout the year. This group rehearses on Wednesday afternoons from 4:30pm - 5:45pm in the Choir Room.

Good Friday Ethnic Masses

As we live in this journey of becoming a multicultural church we continue experiencing the various cultures through their own musical styles. In 2017 the Good Friday Choir performed Robert Ray’s “Gospel Mass” in the tradition of Gospel Music.

In 2018 the Good Friday Choir performed the “Misa Criolla”, written by Ariel Ramirez, an Argentine composer who used the melodies and rhythms of traditional Hispanic music and featured traditional Argentine instruments.

We look forward to 2019 which will feature an African Mass called Missa Luba, written by Boniface Mganga, which uses melodies from Kenya for this mass.

Join the Easter Choir in rehearsals each Wednesday night at 7:30pm.

Looking for audio files to practice? Find them here!

Partner Worship Service

Each Martin Luther King Jr. weekend the partner churches of First Covenant come together for a combined worship service. Each year is hosted by a different congregation and allows all who gather to experience their style of worship, while coming together for the shared purpose of worshipping the Lord and experiencing the rich diversity of our various communities. 

Join Us Sunday, January 20 2019

11:30am Potluck Brunch

1:00pm Worship

With our partners: Contender for the Faith Church, Family Values for Life, Followers of Christ Hmong Baptist Church (hosts), La Vina Iglesia, and Haitian Christian Fellowship.

Outdoor Worship Service and Potlucks

Summers in Minnesota provide opportunities to gather together outside to worship, grow, and eat together. During June, July, and August First Covenant gathers once a month on the lawn for this unique worship service followed by a potluck. Stay tuned for plans for Summer 2019!