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What to expect on Sundays

We aren’t cool or trendy. We are seeking to be authentic, genuinely. We don’t care what you dress like. We hope that by your worshiping with us, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Kingdom, and be encouraged to find your place in it.

On a Sunday you’ll experience an eclectic group of people from a breadth of life stories. Some come dressed in their Sunday best, others come as casual as can be, and plenty of people are in between. What is most important is that we’re here together, genuinely seeking authentic community in the context of worshipping together.

While some elements of our worship service are the same from week to week, we often find ourselves saying “this is an unusual service” because of the many elements coming together to reflect our life and mission. So if you come one Sunday, you should really come on another - it will be different depending on what God is doing in our midst.

What to expect on Wednesdays

Some would say we’re a different congregation than on Sunday mornings. We partner with Family Values for Life, a nonprofit that houses within our building (link to their page on the website). On Wednesdays our afternoons begin with a focus on providing a safe space for children and youth after school. We provide tutoring and enrichment in the arts to the kids in our community. Our Wednesdays continue with evening programming for children, youth, and adults that connects us with the living word of God in creative and practical ways. Healthy snack and a healthy meal are served by our partner Loaves and Fishes.

Life at First covenant the rest of the week

Our building is used almost every day by members of our church community, our neighborhood partners, and three other congregations using our space. Check out our weekly calendar for more details.