We aren’t cool or trendy. We are seeking to be authentic, genuinely. We don’t care what you dress like. We hope that by your worshiping with us, you’ll catch a glimpse of the Kingdom, and be encouraged to find your place in it. 

During this unprecedented time our weekly rhythm is to worship together online at 10:00am through a recorded worship service on our Vimeo page. We gather at 11:00am on Zoom for about 30 minutes to connect in a virtual Fellowship Time (password is "fellowship"). While some elements of our worship service are the same from week to week, we often find ourselves saying “this is an unusual service” because of the many elements coming together to reflect our life and mission. So if you join us one Sunday, you should really join us on another - it will be different depending on what God is doing in our midst.


While our building is closed, we continue to provide opportunities to learn and grow as a community. Please check out our Google Calendar for midweek opportunities (both on Zoom and in-person) for children, youth, and adults.

For more information about connecting as the church while the building is closed, please look at our Community Updates page for ways to be involved.