Adult Ministries

join us as we reimagine community together

This fall we have opportunities to grow together as we study the Bible and learn in community. If you have questions about Adult Spiritual Formation opportunities, please contact Pastor Mike Hotz, Pastor of Community Life.

email pastor mike

  • Join us for 30 days beginning January 2. (Joining after January 2? Not a problem, just join us midstream!). We're practicing a new rhythm over the month of January:

    • daily: personal prayer (using the three prayer poses from Danielle Strickland's InfinitumLife resource) and Bible reading using the YouVersion Bible app.
    • weekly: watch a short video and meet for 45 minutes in a "Hub group" to pray and discuss the Bible together. We have in person and Zoom options for meeting. 

    Wondering where to start? 

    Here is our best suggestion: focus on the YouVersion Bible App (find it here), add and use the Infinitum 30 Day Challenge Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4. The app loads the daily Bible readings, devotional, and audio file of the prayer with the motions (similar to what we did during communion on Sunday). It really is your one-stop spot for all the things. Each week begins on Sunday:

    • Week 1, Day 1: Sunday, January 2
    • Week 2, Day 1: Sunday, January 9
    • Week 3, Day 1: Sunday, January 16
    • Week 4, Day 1: Sunday, January 23

    Do this in community:

    We encourage you to sign up for a HUB group. There are three group options: 

    • Mondays at 7:00pm on Zoom with Pastor Mike (click here to join, password is 1280Arcade)
    • Wednesdays at 6:15pm on Zoom led by Pastor Anne, Pastor Mike, and Kate Makosky (click here to join, password is 1280Arcade)
    • Thursdays at 12:00pm on Zoom with Kate Makosky (click here to join, password is 1280Arcade)
  • Click here to join us on Google Meet

    This is a study for folks who:

    • know very little about the Bible, want to start reading it but don't know how to begin
    • have a lot of experience reading the Bible and want to continue learning and growing
    • grew up reading the Bible but these days Bible reading leads to more questions (and frustrations) than answers
    Author Meghan Larissa Good has an incredible ability to offer insights and expertise related to how we approach Scripture, in a way that is approachable and, dare we say, enjoyable. Ultimately she wants us to read Scripture for the purpose of transformation, in a flourishing Christ-centered life. Wherever you are on the journey of faith, this study has something for you. Seriously.

    Led by Pastor Anne, Pastor Mike, and Kate Makosky. 
  • We are back and in person! Join us as we grow in faith and friendship together as we study Song of Songs led by Don Pelto.

    Join us on Google Meet by clicking here.