Congregational Life

Prayer Ministries

What’s a Prayer Team? Prayer Teams support Ministry Team members and ministries through prayer throughout the year and during specific seasons. Each team has an assigned contact person who updates the team regularly. Prayer Teams consist of members who have committed to pray for one year, specifically one day each week as well as at other times, as the Holy Spirit leads. Prayer Teams recommit yearly. Some teams meet in person for prayer and fellowship, other teams stay updated via email updates. Prayer Teams stress confidentiality – what is prayed for by the Prayer Team stays with the Prayer Team.

Prayer Teams include:

  • First Covenant Church Ministry Team and Staff
  • Senior Pastor
  • First Covenant Leadership Team
  • First Covenant Musical Partnerships and Summer Camps
  • First Covenant Children and Family Ministries, Ministry Staff and Volunteers
  • First Covenant Youth and Family Ministries, Ministry Staff and Youth Mentors
  • Como Family Prayer Team
  • Bryant Family Prayer Team
  • Wednesday Morning Bible Study Team

To Sign up to join a prayer team contact Lynn Gilmore.

Youth and Family Ministry Prayer Partners
Each of our 7th-12th graders plus first year high school graduates are paired with an adult who commits to praying for them regularly. Interested in being a prayer partner? Not sure who your prayer partner is? Contact Addin Vang.

Prayer Chapel Ministry
A prayer time of health and wholeness is offered in the prayer chapel following Sunday morning services. Anyone is invited to come into the prayer chapel to receive these prayers. Interested in serving as a rotating volunteer to pray for people in the prayer chapel? Contact Rachel Hanks.

Adopt -A-Cop
This ministry provides prayer support to our local Saint Paul Police Officers. Individuals or families are paired with Saint Paul Police Officers, and commit to praying for them daily and offering support through a note of encouragement to their officer four times a year. Interested in praying for a police officer? Contact Jan Mollet.

Let us know how we can pray for you!
First Covenant’s Ministry Team meets each Tuesday and prays for these prayer requests during that time. Share a prayer request for yourself, family member or friend by:

  • Complete a Connect Card during worship on Sunday mornings. These are found in the pockets on the back of the pews. Please place in the offering plate during the worship service. There is room on these cards for prayer requests, as well as updating your information.

  • Email your prayer request in to the office.


Caring for our congregation matters. Our Visitation Teams ensure that no one is disconnected from the life of First Covenant – whether they are able to attend regularly or not. 16 volunteer Visitation Teams visit members who are homebound, hospitalized, or living in assisted care. While visiting they bring updates and companionship, read the Bible and pray for the members. If you would like to serve on a Visitation Team, contact Betty Eddy.

Pastor Ted Nordlund (Pastor of Visitation), Roger Quant (Minister of Visitation) and Pastor Anne make visits to members at home, in the hospital, or in assisted care.

Pastor Ted leads monthly services at both Phalen Shores and the Homestead.

Cancer Support Group

No one’s life is not touched by cancer. Whether you or a loved one have experienced it first hand, a supportive community is crucial. This group provides support and understanding for those on the journey with cancer as they pray for and share with one another. This group meets at least once a month – and will meet more often depending on the needs of the members. Questions? Contact Jorge Martinez.

80+ Birthday party

Each October First Covenant’s Congregational Life team throws a birthday party for all of our members who are 80 years and older. A delicious meal, rousing entertainment, and transportation as needed are provided as we honor and celebrate the lives of the elders in our congregation.