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"This is what Christian hope looks like. It doesn't ignore fear, anxiety and doubt. 

It confronts them. It hold steady, clinging to peace in the midst of chaos . . .

Christian hope is buoyed by something greater that has happened 

and something greater that is going to happen again." 

-Jay Y. Kim (lead pastor of West Gate Church in Silicon Valley)

A new year least according to the church calendar, on Sunday, November 29. If you are at all like me, the end of this year cannot come soon enough! The season of Advent invites us to anticipate, to look forward, to envision the many ways God's Kingdom continues to break through in our lives and in our world, even as we wait for the Kingdom that is yet to come. The four weeks of Advent also invite us to prepare our hearts and minds to yet again receive the wondrous gift of God coming among us in the birth of his Son, Jesus Christ. 

Our Advent theme for this year is "Living Hope"--chosen in part because of our Advent devotional's theme, published by Christianity Today. Initially our ministry team had plans to offer a different set of resources to enliven your journey through Advent but we decided the message of hope was vital for all of us as we seek to get to the other side of this pandemic. As followers of the infant Jesus who lived, died and rose again on our behalf, we are bearers of living hope, regardless of what is going on around us. We need to be reminded daily of this reality that offers us strength to continue forward with courage and conviction, to dare to live what we believe.

--Pastor Anne Vining

CHRISTMAS EVE CANDLE LIGHTING: Help us gather as a virtual community. Send your family's candle lighting videos in to Richard by Monday, December 21. CLICK HERE for details and instructions.

ADVENT DEVOTIONAL: Our Advent devotional comes from Christianity Today. CLICK HERE to download a copy.

ADVENT GIVING OPPORTUNITIES: Opportunities to give to others this Advent abound. From Giving Christmas Away (benefitting kids in our community), to Jonathan House (benefitting asylum seekers in our community), to our Christmas Eve Offering (supporting two of our First Covenant missionary families), there are ways to give and live generously in this season of hope and joy. CLICK HERE to learn more!


This Advent our worship services are being recorded and will be available in our Sunday morning email and in the media player below by 7:00am each Sunday. If you are looking for a past worship service, please visit our Worship Services Archive page by CLICKING HERE.