Destination love

(current worship series)

This fall we are on a journey guided by the words of 1 Corinthians 13 to gain a deeper understanding of our ultimate destination: LOVE. More than just the stuff of romantic comedies and Valentine's Day, LOVE will provide the way forward through this increasingly divisive and difficult time. Together, we'll discover that LOVE is less cute hearts and more grit and resilience, something found in Jesus and expressed through community that we can embrace together. 

Don't go on this journey without some tools!

Playlist - every road trip needs a soundtrack and we have a curated LOVE-themed playlist for you on our First Covenant Church YouTube page - click here for our playlist.

Choose Your Own Adventure - this is a time where we need to be growing spiritually and growing in community, yet during a pandemic that is more difficult to do. We have some specific ways that you can choose what is right for your household to be learning and growing with our church community this fall:

  • click here to read about our opportunities to be growing together this fall
  • click here to sign up for a Short Term Small Group for Fall 2020
  • click here to download our schedule for the Public Reading of Scripture
  • we have some freebies! Download your own phone wall paper of our 2020 Fall theme or memory verses to help you at home.

Worship With Us

This fall our worship services are being recorded and will be available in our Sunday morning email and in the media player below by 7:00am each Sunday. If you are looking for a past worship service, please visit our Worship Services Archive page by clicking here.