winter 2022: Reimagine Community

“Christian community is the place where we keep the flame of hope alive among us and take it seriously so that it can grow and become stronger in us.” Henri Nouwen, Finding My Way Home

The last two years have challenged our understanding and practice of community. Waves of rising COVID cases caused us to press pause, again and again and again, as we desperately sought to return to some semblance of “normal” at home, church, school and at work. We discovered ways to build community by way of Zoom and in person with masks, as vaccinations became available–but it would be disingenuous to say life is back to how it once was. It's not.

Even amidst the new threats of Omicron and any number of new variants that will likely be part of our 2022 story, we continue to long for authentic community to replace this long season of excessive seclusion. Join us this winter (January 2 - February 27) as we reimagine community in worship and through spiritual growth opportunities listed in the pages that follow. Not only do we need each other to combat loneliness, we need each other to find strength, encouragement and even accountability to continually follow in the ways and priorities of Jesus Christ. We simply cannot follow Jesus in isolation.